Implementation reports for the SnailMail DID Method (snail:).


Because of its non-digital nature, there is no automated test suite capable of testing implementations of the SnailMail DID Method. Implementation reports are accepted in the form of photographic evidence.

Please choose a shortname (aka a slug) for your implementation, and fill in the details as well as adding a row to each of the tables in .

To submit an implementation report, either:

You MAY redact names, address, and other PII for privacy reasons if desired.

Implementation listing


This is a sample implementation report. Replace this paragraph with a description of your implementation, including motivation or use cases if applicable. If there are any particular features you haven't implemented, you can also mention that (and why) here.


This implementation provides a cross-Atlantic demonstration of SnailMail. In particular the significance of our implementation is that there is a historical connection between the geographical locations of each party, as the DID Document controller is based in Boston UK (aka Original Boston) and the request was made from, and response returned to, the region of Boston US.

Implementation Reports

If a feature is not implemented, please state 'not implemented'. If a feature is implemented but no photo is available, please state 'no photo available'.


Shortname Materials used for DID Document Storage location Photo of DID Document
boston2boston 2-ply toilet paper, biro stuffed inside of toilet roll tube


Shortname Photo of outbound addressed envelope Photo of request, inc. signature Photo of return addressed envelope Photo of outbound postal/mail service Photo of received DID Document (if applicable) Photo of rejection note (if applicable) Photo of return postal/mail service
boston2boston n/a


Shortname Materials used for update Before photo After photo
boston2boston Blotchy pink pen, sellotape


Shortname Materials used for deletion (if applicable) Before photo After photo
boston2boston Indoor plumbing